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We are a small charitable organization bringing orphans with high socio-economic, psychological, and

emotional needs to the stunning Istrian peninsula to experience healing and create memories that

illuminate a small niche in the heart of a sad child, to help sustain them through the darkness of an uncertain



All of us have memories stored in our hearts – that we go back to – but what if your life images are of

misery, starvation, killing or death ?  What if you never saw anything remotely like paradise?


Istria is a stunning location, a feast for the eyes of the soul, and together with the loving care and affection

of a team of volunteers we want to bring light into the hearts of orphans


We provide peace and support for rest and recuperation, help to improve the physical and psychological

health, build trust and confidence, and give children a chance to be children.



Everybody involved at this organization is a volunteer - nobody working with World Life Trust gets paid. 

This is one of our key principles.


If you want to support the project financially then you can support us with donations and email us.


We hope you find our site informative and inspiring.


Contact us if you have questions.



Fiona Campkin


Executive Director WLT

Dipl. Psychotherapist 





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If you have any questions or want to support us, please contact us:


Email: F.Campkin@WorldLifeTrust.org


















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