Vision and Mission

“The World Life Trust is an international humanitarian

organisation dedicated to the relief of distress and

hardship and promoting the quality of life in any

country or countries, place or places regardless of

race, colour, nationality, creed or gender and to the

education of the public concerning the nature, causes

and effects of distress and hardship.”



“The World Life Trust aims to advance education

amongst those in need anywhere in the world, with

particular regard to orphans.”



“The World Life Trust will affect the relief of poverty

and sickness anywhere in the world, and in particular

those affected by natural disasters, wars and other

conflicts by the provision of financial or other

assistance including medical and mental health

services and/or basic life requirements.”



“Furthermore, the World Life Trust aims to conduct

and procure or commission research or programmes

of work concerning the same and to make available

the results thereof to the public.”


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